Novo Amor – Carry You (official video)

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Categoría: Dance  - Pop  - Reggaeton  - Rock
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Publicado: 26 Abril, 2017

Lifted from the ‘Bathing Beach’ EP out May 26th on vinyl and digital
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Director: Ethan Graham
Producer: Mayling Wong
Assistant Director: Ivan Spasov
Director of Photography: David Foulkes

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Torn down, full of aching
somehow, our youth would take the blame, worn out, the way we let it stay.

Taught how to celebrate it,
all out, I’d replicate your pain, climb down, if only for a taste.

Hallowed, but hesitated,
shallow, but full in all your veins, shadowed by every other weight.

Hollow, a doubt can make it borrowed, a love that never came, I followed in every other shade.

Let it lead your love away,
I never strayed
let it bury you away
in all your blame, in all your pain, I will carry you always.

Fade me away, I won’t ever be the same.