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Categoría: Dance  - Pop  - Reggaeton  - Rock
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Publicado: 21 abril, 2017

Official video for the song “Brave Surrender” from Kim Walker-Smith’s new album, On My Side, available now.
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You tell my heart
It’s time to let go
I can’t be free
In the bindings of this world
You burn my soul
And whisper for me to come back home

I’m letting go
Brave surrender
I’m taking hold
Of life eternal
On the other side I will find You
Leaving my fears behind
Brave surrender

Choosing to believe
For a freedom unknown
Falling to my knees
I can’t win this on my own
Hope is alive
You’ve given me new eyes to see like You

I’m running, not stopping
Straight into Your arms
You’re closer, I hear You
Your voice cuts through the dark