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Publicado: 8 Septiembre, 2016

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English Rock band Bastille back with second studio album titled wild world which is expected to release via itunes on septmeber 9th. its a follow up to thier debut album Bad blood which released back in 2013 which was a huge hit so which actually make hopes very high. The song Good grief was released as the proper lead single from the album in june followed by song fake it along with the pre-order of the album released back in july. The Last countdown single was send them off which released last week. the album is about different human conditions and how to tackle them. the album standard edition has 14 tracks while deluxe has 19. They even planned to release a target edition which will have 21 tracks. the released this album teases just a few days back before the album to give us a hint.

Release Date : September 9th, 2016

1. Good Grief
2. The Currents
3. An Act Of Kindness
4. Warmth
5. Glory
6. Power
7. Two Evils
8. Send Them Off!
9. Lethargy
10. Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)
11. Blame
12. Fake It
13. Snakes
14. Winter Of Our Youth
15. Way Beyond
16. Oil On Water
17. Campus
18. Shame
19. The Anchor

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